Change Formula ®


Organisational change means intense work with people. Each time we introduce an element that is challenging the status quo, we face reluctance and resistance. Employees react that way as they do not feel engaged in the process, do not understand the ultimate goal and do not see benefits of the change, together with fear of losing jobs.

The workshop will equip you with knowledge, practices, tools and practical skills improving your capabilities in implementing transformations and organisational changes.

What we will work on:

What change management is, why this competence is necessary in the modern company
How to prepare the organisation for the implementation of change, what tools to use to prove the organisation’s readiness to change, as well as what tools to use to communicate change
Mojito method: practical use of 4 tools (ADKAR, Adoption Curve, PDCA, 5I)
How to implement Incremental Change as well as how to define goals and measure completeness
Overcoming resistance and reluctance – how we can act before it happens as well as what mechanisms and preventive actions we can implement

Who is it for:

HR team members
Team Leaders
Independent consultants and coaches
Members of agile teams and project teams
Everyone facing organisational change
Change Formula ®
trisar agencja konsultingowa szkolenia z zarządzania warsztaty dla menadżerów





WIIFM – What’s in it for me:


Materials and games we use during workshops

Notebooks and printed presentations

Photos of solutions we found during workshops

Certificate of attendance

Free copy of “Lean Change Management” by Jason Little (eBook)

Change Management – lean and agile combined to transform organisations.