Lean Kanban


Kanban is a method of organisation and work management in advanced teams.

In cooperation with Lean Kanban University, Trisar offers courses of agile management based on workflow visualisation.

Kanban is:

A way to control amount of work we currently do and signal when we have spare capacity to take new tasks (Pull System) by limiting WIP – Work in Progress
Method of process control allowing to reduce waste and resources we use
Process optimisation, productivity improvement and removal of roadblocks
Set of indicators, pre agreed with teams, helping to thorough process review and improvement
Clear rules and continuous improvement
Increased integration of teams, better information flow
trisar agencja konsultingowa szkolenia z zarządzania warsztaty dla menadżerów

For knowledge workers, work effects are often intangible, tasks seen in isolation do not give a sense of contribution towards bigger goal – work and workflow visualisation with Kanban board is often a necessity to manage organisation.

Kanban board helps in visualisation of whole processes, managing their flow, shows risks that can emerge in a single point of truth. Kanban is a control over workflow and actions team is currently working on – each board is unique and evolves with the team, it’s not a copy-paste exercise.

This method is for:

Teams that often do not deliver in time
Estimates are not accurate
Teams are overworked by work coming from multiple channels
Priorities are not clear, responsibility is not defined


Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP)

The main goal of workshops is to improve work of organisation and its employees by implementing Lean Kanban methodology. Thanks to this training, you will optimise your workflow, release capacity in your team and understand your tasks better.

During workshops, we will focus on:

Kanban specific terms: visualisation, flow, board, Kanban
Mechanics behind Kanban board
Differences between waterfall management and agile management
STATIK concept
Understanding Kanban model and its specifics
Planning Kanban implementation in your company
Work in progress and flow limits
How to learn effectively

Who is it for:

Project and Program managers
Consultants and Agile Coaches
Agile teams team members
Developers, testers and analysts willing to work on Kanban
Employees working in teams overwhelmed by work, looking for improvements

WIIFM – What’s in it for me:

Understanding of the method and philosophy behind Kanban, together with practical knowledge how to implement Kanban in your organisation

Certificate of attendance issued by Lean Kanban University

Team Kanban Practitioner – title

Book by Davida Andersona „Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” (ebook)

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